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  1. spedi

    spedi member

    24. Iun 2008
    Nu stiu sigur daca sunt,sau nu le gasesc.Poate posta un moderator sau cineva un dictionar cu:
    ce inseamna:
    si toate celelalte penalizari sau prescurtari?Multumesc aniticipat
  2. spedi

    spedi member

    24. Iun 2008
    Sau poate traduce cineva,nu am gasit ce vroiam exact

    Units / Buildings
    Spies = Scouts
    LC/lcav/light horses = Light Cavalry
    SC/scav/heavy horses = Heavy Cavalry
    nobles = noblemen
    HQ = Headquarters
    Attack terms
    def = Defensive army
    off = Offensive army
    def village = A villages that is used for recruiting a defensive village
    Off village = A village that is used for recruiting an offensive army
    farming/raiding/plundering= Attacking other villages to get their resources
    clear = kill all troops in a village
    bashing = repeated attacks on the same person/target to keep it from rebuilding or to clear for a noble
    nobling = Taking over another village by attacking that village multiple times with a noblemen. (Lowering the loyalty to under 0)
    prenobling = Lowering the Loyalty of a village with your own noblemen so that another player only needs to send one attack (due to distance or availability of noblemen)
    Fakes = Sending just one unit on a player to "confuse" the player
    timing = Setting multiple attacks from one or more player so that they hit at the same time
    suiciding = killing your own troops knowing they'll die to clear farm space or to give your village away
    blocking a noble = Timing the defense on a village so that the clearing troops hit before the defense arrives, but the noble attacks arrive after the defense
    Spike = Supporting a village that is abandoned or known to be empty to kill incoming attacks of the raiding players.
    center = inner circle of the map
    rim = outer circle of the map
    100/100/50 = 100 Spear/ 100 Sword/ 50 heave Cavalry (Short version when asking for defense)
    Techs = Technology levels of your units
    Sniping = Sending a noble to either take an already taken village or taking a village that someone else was in the process of taking
    Early warning system/Tripwire = A network of players stationing troops in each others villages to be informed of attacks as soon as they hit.
    NAP = No attack Pact
    TW = Tribal Wars
    STW = Speed Tribal Wars (A server that has short rounds with much higher speed)
    RL = Real Life
    PA = Premium Account
    IGM = In Game Message
    noob = negative word for new players
    Simcity player / Turtles = negative word for players concentrating on defense
    Multi = A player that plays more than one account per world (and breaks the rules by that)
    24/7 = having an account that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Usually by playing with multiple people in one account.
    Forum and Chat language
    Pm = Private message
    idk = I don't know
    np = no problem
    thx = Thanks
    imo = in my opinion
    imho = in my humble opinion
    afaik = as far as i know
    *g* = grins
    rofl= rolling on floor laughing
    lol = laughing out loud
    \o/ = laughing out very loud
    <3 = I love you
    k = okay
    kk = "okay" or "no comment"
    nc = no comment
    kewl = cool
    ^^= raised eyebrows
    Wayne? = who cares
    w0rd/wOrd/word = so true
    OMG = Oh my God!
    OT = Off Topic
    B2T = Back to Topic
  3. spedi

    spedi member

    24. Iun 2008
    Am incercat,dar nu am reusit sa traduc tot,decat sa fac ceva gresit,mai bine nu fac.Ma ajuta cineva?
  4. i0gina

    i0gina member

    23. Dec 2007
    Nu stiu ce te'a apucat...
  5. tesis

    tesis member

    26. Iun 2008



    Sursa: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ban_(law)#Banning_in_games_and_Internet_Forums

    Definitia pentru BAN era in engleza, eventualele greseli de traducere (si adaptarea) imi apartin si mi le asum.