World 3

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Dear Players and Forum Goers, is proud to present the new W3 Settings. Please be aware that this world is a test world, and that the settings could change in the future if the world development is not what we imagined. Also W3 has very classical settings. If you are new to TW I would suggest you gain some experience on W1 and W2 first before playing W3.

World 3 Settings:
Speed: 1.5
unit-speed 0.7
Paladin: No
All new units active: No
Archers: No
Church active: No
Noble system: packets
Moral: No
Bonus villages active and grow to 1500 points
Research system: simple
3 days beginners protection protection
Tribe member limit: 50
Militia: Enabled
Account Manager: Enabled
War Declaration tool is active
Players can choose starting location.
Attack gap: 50ms

Suna minunat... no church si fara arcasi speed bun , fara paladin :)

ne vedem acolo


Cu niste romani imi fac trib acolo.Mai luam si englezi.Ma gasiti pe w2 cu numele heart break kid.cine vrea sa mai vina in trib dati-mi mesaj in joc sau scrieti aici.